Top 15 T-Shirt Ideas for Halloween 2019

Do you know that we have only 8 days left until Halloween? And you still don’t have any plans on Halloween? How about let’s take a look at these 15 shirts so you can get some inspirations. And then grab your phone to set a date with your friends to do some crazy things on Halloween day. It’s time to be ‘spooky’ so don’t miss this chance to have something fun for this spooky month.


I’m Not Saying It Was Aliens But It Was Alien.

We already know what’s the most hot topic this year right? That’s right, it’s searching for alien in area 51. Let’s have a ‘tour’ to area 51 with your friend this Halloween and take this shirt with you. ‘Cause who cares if it’s aliens or not? It’s area 51 that matters.

Giorgio a tsoukalos im not saying it was aliens but it was aliens long sleeve


This Is My Missouri Halloween Costume

Living in Missouri is the best chance for you to searching for spookiness in Halloween. Do you know Missouri has some haunted places for you to visit? The Morse Mill Haunted Hotel, Peace Church Cemetery, Hotel Bothwell, etc. Oooh, interesting right? Let’s have a little spooky tour around Missouri with this shirt on and have memorable scary memories this Halloween. 

This is my missouri halloween costume funny idea gifts hoodie


I’m The King/Queen Of Halloween

You know you’re the king/queen in scary prank, fun games, spooky decorating and wonderful costume idea. Why not show it off? 


I’m the king of halloween skellington wings cool gift for father hoodie


I’m the queen of halloween lady skellington funny gift for mother hoodie


The Boo Crew

One of the best things to do with your friends in Halloween is going around and “boo” everyone to pieces. It’s gonna be the best crew of the month, to be honest.

The boo crew night art funny halloween gift hoodie


You Are My Happy Ending

Who says there’s no ‘romantic’ in Halloween? You can show your affection to your partner in your own unique spooky way. Have you heard of this famous “Love You To Death” quote? No matter where you are, you just need to stay with your partner then it’s a happy ending to you.

You are my happy ending t-shirt


Trick Or Treat

People claiming that you’re too old for Halloween? Put that aside and call your squad to come knock on their door to ask “Trick Or Treat”. The point of Halloween is to have fun and get crazy, not about your age matter. 

Trick or treat with bats red art funny halloween lover gift long sleeve


Trick or Treat or Beer

Yeah! besides candies, a “treat” must be Beer. A big cup of beer to get wild with your friends and to do some crazy stuff, the party go high!

Trick treat beer funny halloween gift for drinker long sleeve

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I’m Here For The Booz

There’s a lot of scary and interesting type of beer on Halloween night that you must try. Let’s put on this shirt to go to the pub, showing that you’re a big fan of beer so maybe you can ask some discount from the owner especially if you’re a regular customer at that place 😉 

I’m here for the booz funny beer lover halloween gift hoodie

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This line can mean anything in your own way.
“Oh snap! I forgot my deadline this week!”
“Oh snap! I just spend all of my budget for this month!”
“Oh snap! I forgot my wallet!”
“Oh snap! Oh, snap!”

It’s life anyway. We make tons of little mistakes that lead us to an “oh snap” situation.

Oh snap skellington with heart funny halloween gift hoodie


I Just Want Cold Night Halloween Bonfires Hot Coffee Crocheting

Not a very party person? You love Halloween as well but you want to celebrate it in a more chilling way? This hoodie speaks your mind. Imagine a cold spooky night sitting by a bonfire, drinking a hot cup of coffee, chatting with your friends and crocheting some cute stuff for next winter.

I just want cold night hot coffee halloween quote gift hoodie


My Broom Broke So I Became A Human Resources Coordinator

In a job interview somewhere in the world:

Interviewer: “Why did you choose this job?”
Interviewee: *Wear this shirt*
In conclusion: this Halloween shirt is best for a job interview. Wearing this shirt will help you increase your ability to be accepted. Just kidding. 

My broom broke so i became a human resources coordinator funny halloween gift t-shirt

Other jobs for you to choose:


Which Witch Is Which

Which witch fell in a ditch? Is it the one riding on a broom? Is it the one holding a balloon? Is it the one looking at the moon? Or is it the one eating a prune?

Which witch is which funny halloween lover gift t-shirt



A fan of wine cannot miss this shirt. Wine appears on every occasion in your life, including Halloween. That’s why ‘Halloween’ becomes ‘Hallowine’ just for you. 

Hallowine t-shirt funny scary cool halloween costume t-shirt


This Is My Zombie Costume I Just Haven’t Been Bitten Yet

Being a zombie is not easy. You have to be bitten and suffer a few days to transform yourself into a zombie. Even though you haven’t been bitten yet but you’ve got this shirt so it’s legal anyway.

This is my zombie costume funny artwork halloween day t-shirt


I Would Push You In Front Of Zombies To Save My Cat

Even though we’re partying hard but we cannot forget our beloved cat. He is the most precious thing that you treasure so if he’s in danger, you’re gonna do anything for him. By the way, please tell others to be nice to you, or else you’re gonna push them in front of the zombies.

Cat lover funny gift i would push you in front of zombies to save my cats long sleeve

Yeah, that’s it! we guess you can be outstanding in your Halloween t-shirt costumes with our suggestion above. Pick it and Spooky night Up!