Christmas is on the way and you’re preparing for the most important time of the year. You’re wondering what to wear on Christmas eve? And what present should you give to your family and friends? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here are our top 10 unique shirts for you to choose from. 

  • Dachshund For Everyone:

You’re a Dachshund dog lover? Then this shirt is perfect for you! With this shirt on you can shout out to the world the love you have for Dachshund and share the love for everyone ♥

Dachshunds for everybody santa love dog mom christmas long sleeve


  • My Boxer Makes every day Feel Like Christmas

Your cute little boxer friend has always been there for you throughout the year. And you can wear this special shirt at Christmas and also in your daily life.

My boxer makes everyday feel like christmas gift unisex hoodie

  • Feliz Navidog

What a happy Christmas to have your dog as your accompany. From now on, Feliz Navidog melody will forever be stuck in your head ♫

Feliz navidog christmas funny gift for dog lover hoodie

  • Reindeer Sweater

Too lazy to dress up a fancy detailed costume? Then here you are, a very simple but funny dress-up as Reindeer sweater. Wear this on and no one will realize who were you ‘cause the only thing they see is a funny reindeer on Christmas Eve.

Reindeer ugly christmas sweaters funny xmas jumpers reindeer xmas sweater t shirt hoodie long sleeve

  • World’s Tallest Elf

Elf is well-known for its small feature. Despite the height difference, you still want to be an elf on this special occasion. So let’s be the world’s tallest self together!

World’s tallest elf – funny christmas long sleeve

  • Gamer Elf

Each elf has their own ability, and your ability is gaming. Gaming through the holiday! Hohoho!

I’m the gamer elf christmas matching gifts family pajamas elves long sleeve

  • Be Nice To The Truck Driver

Put a warning right in front of your chest, no one will be a naughty person towards you truck driver cuz Santa is watching those bastards. 

Be nice to the truck driver santa is watching funny trucker family christmas hoodie

  • Christmas Sweater for Bikers

Hohoho! Are you ready for a thrilling ride in Christmas Eve ladies and gentlemen?

Biker christmas ugly sweater style halloween gift hoodie

  • Funny Snoop Dogg Wears Christmas Hat Shirt

If you’re a big fan of Snoop Dogg then you shouldn’t miss this incredibly funny and unique shirt for dancing time. 

Snoop dogg wears christmas hat t-shirt

  •  Funny Chicken Game

You’re gathering with your family and meeting your friends, then let’s be tricksy a little bit to add more fun into the atmosphere. Everyone will definitely look at your hilarious chicken.

Chicken game funny dont look at this chicken end t-shirt

So come to end, I help you pick some funny, unique tees that make you stand out and make everyone happy to see you. Don’t be late, grab them on time before the busiest time of the year.